Neighbourhood watch

Neighbourhood Watch logoA new Neighbourhood Watch initiative has been launched for the Willoughby area.

The Neighbourhood Watch program is one of a range of crime prevention and community safety strategies currently in use within NSW. Since 1984, when the program was first introduced, the NSW Police Force has supported the NHW program in those communities that have demonstrated their ongoing support for it. The program itself is not funded at a community level by the NSW Police Force, or any other government organisation. Instead, Neighbourhood Watch is resourced through fund-raising, sponsorships and grants and has at its core, dedicated volunteers in each local community.

Neighbourhood Watch is a community based, crime prevention organisation that aims to reduce localised crime and fear of crime by promoting and coordinating multifaceted approaches to prevention and problem solving. It is part of the broader Neighbourhood Watch Australasia organisation, of which, the NSW Police Force is a participating Board member.

Access the Willoughby Neighbourhood Watch website or join the Willoughby Neighbourhood Watch Facebook site.


Metro station link

The following information has been received from the NSW Government:

Station Link

Dear Stakeholder

 From 30 September 2018 the rail line between Epping and Chatswood will be upgraded ahead of the new Sydney Metro Northwest opening in 2019. To deliver the upgrade, Macquarie University Station, Macquarie Park Station and North Ryde Station will be closed during this time.

 High frequency Station Link bus services will keep customers moving while the rail line is upgraded for around seven months. The new fully accessible, air-conditioned Station Link buses will provide thousands of services from 30 September.

 Find your way with the Station Link interactive map and travel tips to help you plan ahead for the upgrade.  The map shows the routes of the seven new Station Link bus services as well as the bus stop locations for these services.  

There will be Station Link bus stops at eight rail stations to get you to and from Macquarie Park. These will be at Beecroft, Epping, Eastwood, Macquarie University, Macquarie Park, North Ryde, Chatswood and St Leonards rail stations.

 For more any specific questions about Station Link, please email   

 Kind regards

The Station Link Team

Vale John McEachern



John was a stalwart of the Association for many years. He undertook to personally deliver up to around 25% of our newsletters to high rise apartments along the Pacific Highway, Mowbray Rd and the CBD.

John was respected as a man of the utmost integrity and very well liked by other members.

Proposed major developments

Since the release of Council’s new draft LEP there has been a spate of major developments. This includes:

465 Victoria Avenue (opposite RSL) – this site is up for sale as part of a four property (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne) office tower portfolio block trade (single owner).  A refurbishment of this property happened between 2010 and 2012.   As the properties are being sold as an office portfolio block, it is likely the buyer will want the portfolio for commercial office investment.  However, it is a good idea to keep a watching brief on this site in the event the new owner proposes to change the zoning from B3 “commercial core” to B4 “mixed use/residential” .

475 to 501 Victoria Avenue (opposite RSL) – the addition of two new building to the site (one 4 storey commercial building SW corner of the site and a 16 storey hotel on the NE corner of the site) in addition to the current two 15-16 storey office towers. Issues around this development are the potential increase to very strong wind tunnels when there are Westerly and Southerly winds in the CBD.

Planning Proposal for 1-13 Spring Street, 56-70 Archer Street and 35 Albert Avenue – went to council meeting 25 June 2018 – Council voted to NOT support the public exhibition of the planning proposal and NOT forwarding to Dept. Planning and Environment seeking Gateway determination.  In summary, the proposal was to change the current B3 Commercial Core zoning to include residential usage.  The proposal was for 5 buildings on the site.

Pre Gateway Review of Planning Proposal for 65 Albert Avenue, (Mandarin Centre) – went to council meeting 25 June 2018. Council voted to NOT support the public exhibition of the planning proposal and advise the Dept. Planning and Environment the councils position when the Sydney North planning panel considers the Gateway determination application. In summary, the proposal was to change the current B3 Commercial Core zoning to include residential usage.

Planning Proposal  54-56 Anderson Street, Chatswood (near O’Brien St) – went to council meeting 25 June 2018. Council approved sending this planning proposal for gateway determination,  This planning proposal is for a spot rezone to 90 meters.  These proposals comply with the Draft Chatswood CBD plan, yet to be gazzetted. In summary the proposal is for ground level retail, level 2 and 3 commercial/office and 25 storeys of residential.

Planning Proposal for 58 Anderson Street (near O’Brien St) – this is a new planning proposal and seeks the same outcome as 54-56 Anderson Street a spot rezone to 90 meters (R2 to B4 “mixed use”) in accordance with the Chatswood CBD plan.  This proposal is still being assessed by council officers and has not yet come to council but is seeking a spot rezone in accordance with zoning under the ungazetted Chatswood CBD Plan.

Planning Proposal for 5-9 Gordon Avenue (Next to Chatswood bowling club on Gordon Street) – nothing through council yet, will probably be similar to 54-56 Anderson Street and 629 Pacific Highway (already gone off to Gateway).  The limited details of the planning proposal so far are spot rezone to 90 meters (from R3 to B4 “Mixed Use”) in accordance with zoning under the ungazetted Chatswood CBD Plan.

654 Pacific Highway, 666 Pacific Highway, 1 Freeman Road and 2A Oliver Road – Approved by Sydney North planning panel on 14 Feb 2018

67 Albert Avenue Chatswood (SAGE building) – went to Sydney North planning panel on 25 May 2018 and the decision was deferred subject to a number of matters to be addressed. These matters include obtaining a detailed approval history of the site to determine previous intention for the site to be considered in conjunction with the DA.  Clarification of proposed building height and floor space ratio, further solar (sun) analysis report and provide a wind analysis report regarding the impact of the DA and design changes specified by the Sydney North Planning Panel. The matter returns to the Panel/Public Meeting at 10AM on the 22nd August at the Christie Centre, Walker St, North Sydney. David Grover (and Peter Hayes) plan to attend the meeting.

629 – 639 Pacific Highway, Chatswood – Gateway Determination (LEP Proposal) to be determined – Lodged with Dept. of Planning and Environment on 2 April 2018. For more information

 688-692 Pacific Highway, Chatswood – this has come up in council papers a number of times in the last 2 months with regard to petitions, Notice of Motions, Questions etc.  One of the council meetings council resolved to write to the local member regarding the Dept. of Education buying the site.  Since that motion was passed at council, council have written and at a meeting between the local member, the GM and Mayor the issue was raised.  Representation has now been made to the Dept. of Education on behalf of the council and we are awaiting a response.  Council papers have also responded to a proposal to rezone that sight “Education” zoning.  Council’s advice to councillors is the Dept. of Planning and Environment have moved away from specific zonings of site and it is unlikely the department will approve a change to the Willoughby LEP if councillors approve a change. The State Government has indicated that it has no plans to acquire the site for a school, citing the plan redevelopment of Chatswood Public School and Chatswood High School.


Report problems

Many of the problems that may assail you around your home might be resolved by reporting them to Willoughby Council. This includes problems such as:

WCC Problem Reporting

You can report a problem to Council via email: or by Council’s web page for Report a Problem or phone 9777 1000

Snap Send Solve


Or download the free Snap Send Solve phone app.


In the case of a disaster read Willoughby Council Disaster information.

Other utility and service providers include:

Sydney Water: Phone  13 20 92 or Report a Leak. Some more information.

Ausgrid for problems with your power supply.

Ambulance, Fire and Police: Phone 000

Lifeline for mental health support Phone 13 11 14

Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000

Chatswood Police on 9414 8499

State Emergency Services (SES) for emergency assistance after a storm or natural disaster – 9439 7766

Communication lines: There may be three or more communication lines in your street. This includes telephone cables (call Telstra on 13 22 00  or Report a Fault) Coaxial cables for Internet and Foxtel. These could be owned either by Telstra or Optus on 1800 505 777) or Report damage or hazard.