Tennis courts


Willoughby Council is in the process of reviewing its tennis court policy.

In 2018 Council commissioned a report that looked at all of the tennis courts in the city. This has not been released to the public. We have asked for a copy of the report.

There are a total of 51 tennis courts in the city owned by Council. Of these, six are in West Ward at 52 Fullers Rd. These are synthetic courts and are leased out. In addition, there are a number of privately owned courts at:

  • Chatswood Lawn Courts, 699a Pacific Highway – 2 lawn courts
  • Chatswood Tennis Club, 152 Fullers Rd – 10 synthetic grass courts (most with lights)
  • Mowbray Public School, Mowbray Rd West – 3 hardcourts with lights

This is a total of 18 courts in West Ward.

All up it appears that there are around 100 courts in Willoughby. On the basis that their are four Wards in Willoughby, West Ward seems to be under supplied with courts. We would expect around 25 courts on a pro-rate basis).

Of the 100 tennis courts half fare owned by Council (50% in public ownership). West Ward’s six publicly owned courts represent around just 10% of Council owned courts. So not only do we have less courts but far less Council owned courts.

No one is suggesting that we necessarily need more tennis courts in West Ward. However, this analysis continues to display that quite often West Ward has fallen short on Council resources.


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