Threat to garden removed?

Garden of Remembrance

A strange saga is unfurling regarding a new building being proposed next to the Garden of Remembrance near Chatswood station.

Willoughby Council owns the land which is leased to CorVal.

This week, objectors to the proposal were advised in writing that the proposal had been approved (deferred commencement consent) by the Northern Sydney Planning Panel.

The saga started when CorVal approached Council with the proposal seeking consent for them to lodge a development application. Council Officers, acting under delegated authority granted Council consent. After the proposal was lodged, Council officers assessed it and reported generally in favour.

The Sydney North Planning Panel considered the proposal and approved it with conditions.

The proposal had been strongly opposed by the community and the Chatswood RSL Club.

Last Monday night, Willoughby Council decided to object to the proposal. They intend to write to CorVal advising them that the current lease  does not permit such a development.

CorVal have already listed their building for sale, citing the approved DA as a benefit to any purchaser.


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