Eddy & De Villiers Heritage Review


Proposed new Conservation area

Willoughby Council is considering listing houses in Eddy Rd and De Villiers Avenue as Conservation items.

Council has not published a list of the houses that will be included in the Conservation Area (just maps).

Significance: The proposed Eddy Road and De Villiers Avenue Conservation Area is significant as a harmonious and unified Interwar lower North Shore residential area, in a landscaped setting.

Developed following the subdivision and sale of allotments in the Glenview and Ferndale No. 1 Estates in 1915 and 1924 respectively, the area is a good representative example of development of the Interwar period in Chatswood.

A range of largely intact California and Interwar bungalows occur in groupings of consistent styles. The houses were controlled by building covenant which contributes to the cohesive character of the area.

The subdivisions have a strong landscape character due to their location adjoining the Ferndale Park, Chatswood High School and strong street planting. The garden settings of the houses contribute to this character.

Willoughby Planning Panel

The Willoughby Planning Panel made the following observations about the proposal:

Eddy {Planning Panel

Benefits of owning a property in a Heritage Conservation Area

According to Willoughby Council, the benefits of owning a property in a Heritage Conservation Area are:

  • Maintaining the heritage qualities and original features of residential buildings in a heritage conservation area can contribute positively to property values.
  • Inclusion in a heritage conservation area provides owners and intending purchasers’ greater certainty that the amenity of the area is protected. Development requires consideration of how the proposal will protect, preserve and reinforce the key characteristics of the heritage conservation area.
  • Protection against inappropriate development detracting from individual properties and the distinctive identity of the heritage conservation area.
  • Access to free heritage advisory services provided by Council including advice from Council’s heritage architect and planning staff to assist property owners with alterations, additions and conservation.

Development Control

To achieve the above aspirations, Part H of Council’s Development Control Plan contains some of the rules and regulations applicable for a Heritage Conservation Area. The Code includes consideration being given to:

H.1 General

H.1.1 Introduction

H.1.2 Aims

H.1.3 Information Requirements

H.2 General Conservation Controls

H.2.1 Planning and Design Principles

H.2.2 Design Elements

H.2.3 Development of Corner Allotments within Heritage Conservation Areas

H.2.4 Demolition

H.2.5 Subdivision

H.2.6 Infill Development

H.2.7 Secondary Dwellings

H.3 Heritage Conservation Areas




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