“Gumnut” is back


The much loved ‘Gumnut’ Cellars has returned to 3 Millwood Avenue, Chatswood West. Recently re-opening as “Gumnut Cellars and Grocers” the new operators have adopted and expanded on the successful model developed by successful previous operator Terry Hill. Gone is the ‘Gourmet‘ food approach that did not prove popular, particularly to the passing trade. A traditional take-away Australian menu has been re-instated.

The grocery section seems to have been expanded, also with the addition of common household utility items.

There is still a good range of liquor and soft drink products.

The new store is airy and freshly renovated with excellent lighting and new shelving allowing for a eye-catching array of products.

The new operators are friendly and willing to please. They are keen to hear your ideas on what sort of products you would like them to stock.

Gumnut Cellars & Grocers are open 7 days a week. 

Gumnut001 Gumnut003





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