Eddy-Devilliers Heritage Area

EddyConservationAreaAccording to the consultant’s report, the proposed Eddy Rd – Devilliers Ave Heritage Conservation Area was nominated by a family who live within the proposed area. It was nominated using Council nomination forms. Any member of the public is entitled to make such a nomination.

In most other matters where the activities of one neighbor might impact their neighbours, Council strongly encourages the proponent (nominator) to consult with their neighbours. In this instance, given the widespread angst caused by Council’s Notice of Meeting Letter, consultation, if any, seems to have been minimal.

Generally nominations are reviewed by Council staff each Council term depending on the number of nominations received. It is not known to what level Council staff reviewed this nomination.

Consultants (Architectual Projects) were then retained to review the nomination and make a recommendation. They reported

Properties within the proposed conservation areas were not individually notified as an assessment can be made from the street without entering the properties. However, all properties were notified, a few days before) of the Council Meeting to consider this report.

The Consultants reported that the proposed Eddy Road and De Villiers Avenue Conservation Area is significant as a harmonious and unified Interwar lower North Shore residential area, in a landscaped setting. Fieldwork found that the area had a reasonably high degree of integrity with 70% of properties contributing to the heritage character, and 46 out of 70 being highly intact. 24% of properties are considered neutral, in their contribution to the area, and only 6% were noted detracting.

The Consultant’s report was forwarded to the Sydney North Planning Panel. They concluded that the area was less unified than the consultant’s narrative seems to suggested that the quality of housing is not outstanding and that the area is not exceptional overall. They were also concerned that listing may dilute the value of existing heritage conservation area

Notwithstanding, the Council officer recommend the listing of the area as a Conservation Area because the area has a high degree of integrity. This view is vastly different to that of the Planning Panel and more complimentary than the Consultants’ view.

Based on a motion put forward by Clr. Campbell and seconded by Clr. Mustac, Council resolved not to adopt the Officer’s recommendations with regard to the Heritage Conservation area.

Will this be the end of the matter?

Based on previous experiences, it is possible that the matter may be again proposed at Council. However, a new motion contrary to the Council resolution, cannot be considered within the next three months. In the interim Council also resolved to hold a public educational forum on the proposal to list part of Eddy Road / DeVilliers Avenue, West Chatswood.


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