Centennial & Highway


After representations from CWWPA, Clr Saville has submitted the following to Council:


I submit the following question for council papers regarding the Pacific Highway traffic between Fullers and Albert Avenue:
It is noted that the RMS have advised that their priorities are pedestrian safety and keeping the traffic moving on the highway
Is council aware  of the safety issues associated with the intersection of Albert Ave, Highway and Centennial Ave, and  that there have been numerous MVAs and complaints from residents for years about this intersection?
How can council, representing residents   work more closely with the RMS  to improve safety at these intersections?
Can council approach the RMS to clearly explain if and how they propose to address the safety issues at these intersections?
How can safety be improved, particularly regarding vehicles turning right from Albert continuing through the Centennial intersection against a red light when vehicles are exiting right from Centennial and also traffic heading towards the Sydney often red light running at Centennial and Albert?

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