Watch your presents

Watching out for your presents at Christmas

Christmas ParcelsWhilst Willoughby is a safe neighbourhood, retail theft is higher here than the NSW average and property break and enters have a few hotspots around the area.

With the festive season approaching here are some tips to protect your online purchases:


  1. Try to be at home when the parcel arrives – you can often track the progress of your delivery online.
  2. Ask a neighbour – either have your parcel delivered to them or ask them to keep an eye on your doorstep.
  3. Specify where the parcel is to be left when you place your online order. Choose somewhere out of sight.
  4. Have parcels delivered to your workplace – check with your manager that this is okay.
  5. Consider using a free Australia Post parcel locker, located at major supermarkets and petrol stations, with 24/7 access to your parcels. Or use the vendor’s click and collect option if available.
  6. Consider installing CCTV. If it is motion-activated and wireless you can see your parcel being delivered and ask someone to collect it for you immediately. If it is just a camera you can at least let the police have a picture of the thief!

Finally, remember to lock your doors and windows if you are going away (or even out for a short time) and look out for your neighbours.

Willoughby Neighbourhood Watch covers the whole Willoughby Council area and is run online through a Facebook Group and website.

The group now has 425 members, who receive quick updates on recent crimes and scams, requests from the police and various tips to stay safe.


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