Ordinary members of the association are entitled to move a motion for consideration by members at an association meeting.

Such proposed motions should consist of:

  • a clearly articulated statement of the outcome you wish to achieve (usually a call to action. For instance many motions have the structure “we call on __________________ to take the required action to remedy the situation _____________________________.
  • the proposed motion should be accompanied by a short background statement outlining the issue.
  • proposed motions should be lodged with the Secretary of the Association by the Monday of the week of the scheduled meeting
  • the proposed motion will be published in the agenda of the meeting (sans the proposer’s name?)
  • to be moved, the proposer must be in attendance at the meeting and there needs to be someone to second the motion, else it lapses
  • the proposer has the write to speak to the motion after it is moved and also the right of a short reply after any debate
  • if the motion is lost, a similar motion cannot be lodged until after a period of three months have elapsed
  • motions pertaining to the published agenda items can be lodged (as above)
  • proposed motions relating to a matter not on the agenda can be discussed with the Chairperson prior to the meeting for consideration under general business. Again, they should be in the form described above.
  • proposed motions not in the form described above will only be considered by the Chairperson at their discretion of special circumstance, otherwise the proposer will be informed to document the motion for consideration at the next meeting of the association.
  • motions considered at a meeting of the association will be published in the minutes and may also be published in full or part on the associations, website, Facebook, WWBytes or West Ward Newsletter.