1992 – Willoughby Council resolves to install floodlights and a synthetic playing surface. Residents advised seven days prior to commencement of work. Residents successfully protest against the proposal and tit is withdrawn

pre December 2017 – Willoughby Council officers participate in the Northern Sydney Organisation of Councils (NSROC) review of sporting facilities including proposing the install of floodlights on the OH Reid Oval.

December 2017 – The NSROC Regional Sportsgrounds Plan of Management was released.

March 2018 – Willoughby City Sports_Facilities_Plan_of_Management_contains the following: “Conversion of sportsground surfaces from grass to synthetic, conversion of single-use court surfaces to multi-use so they can be used as alternative sites for training, and installation of lights at currently unlit grounds are included in Council’s capital works programs to help maximise access to and use of existing facilities“.

28 March 2018 – CWWPA publishes web story on the above plan.

March 2018 – Council officers release the OH Reid Reserve Action Plan for comment. There is no mention of any lights being proposed for the Oval. CWWPA publishes web story on the plan.

14 May 2018 – NSROC report adopted by Council.

26 May 2018 – CWWPA alert residents of the opportunity to comment of the Sports_Facilities_Plan_of_Management by way of a web story.

22 August 2018 – CWWPA publishes web story on proposed lights at OH Reid.

27 August 2018Report on the proposed installation of floodlights at Bales Park. The report included a reference to plans to install floodlights on the OH Reid Oval. After a local protest, Council shelved the proposal to install lights.

September 2018 – CWWPA publishes article in the WWBytes.

24 October 2018 – CWWPA develops Flyer re Floodlights at OH Reid Oval  and distributes to local residents.

12 November 2018 – Clr. Saville raises questions at Council on the matter. Read the responses.

November 2018 – CWWPA publishes article in the WWBytes.

It is understood that the process will proceed via the following steps:

Early 2019 – the OH Reid Draft Master Plan (Reserve Action Plan) will be exhibited for comment. Note: It appears that the comments on the March 2018 Reserve Action Pln will feed into the Draft Master Plan.

April – June 2019 – The Draft Master Plan and Consultation Report will be presented to Council.


If the Council decides to proceed with the installation of floodlights it has the option to bypass the development Application process which includes the further opportunity for community comment. Instead it can use State Environmental Planning Policy Infrastructure (2007). This does not require the undertaking of a formal Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Rather Council can proceed via a Review of Environmental Factors (REF). An EIS is undertaken by external consultants as part of a DA process (which we believe would involve community consultation., where as a REF is undertaken by Council Officers internally with no public consultation. We have evidence that the Officers will be recommending the application proceed via an REF (even though the consultation on the Master Plan has not been undertaken).