Fire and Rescue Budget

fireengineCouncillor L Saville has indicated her intention to move the following Notice of Motion.

THAT Council approach our local State MPs and the Premier of NSW regarding the recent cuts to the NSW Fire and Rescue budget to urge that they reconsider this decision following the recent extreme fires in NSW.

Council should also seek assurances from the Premier and out local MPs that our local fire and rescue services are, and will be resourced, funded and staffed to provide proper services to our community to ensure its safety.

The NSW has made budget cutbacks to the Fire and Rescue budget, which could affect the ability to hire replacement staff for those off sick or on leave. This has resulted in a number of occasions where some stations in Sydney have been forced to close temporarily due to staff shortages.

The potential of fire station closures during summer months, at a time of increased fire danger, is of concern to many in the community, particularly after recent NSW fires.
Parts of Willoughby LGA are identified as fire risk areas. Our community needs assurance that the designated Fire and Rescue services are adequately resourced, funded and staffed.

The motion was carried 7 to 4.