Housing targets

Willoughby Council recently adopted its new housing strategy to reflect expected new residential dwelling demand until 2036.

The CWWPA is calling for a review of housing targets due to COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected the underlying precepts of Australia’s population:

  • International immigration has been curtailed and could be further curtailed over the coming years
  • Internal migration patterns have been disrupted and changed

This curtailment affects both how many new residential dwellings will be required going forward and the location demand for these dwellings.

Move that: CWWPA requests that Willoughby Council, given that the recently adopted Willoughby Housing Strategy is used to inform the Willoughby Local Environmental Plan (LEP) currently in preparation, outline:

  1. When will the housing strategy be updated to reflect structural changes in Australia’s population and hence residential dwelling demand resulting from COVID-19.

2.    What changes would be anticipated to the LEP resulting from these population variations.

Seniors living concerns

Seniors living development: Beaconsfield Rd & Greville St.

Proposed Senior living development of 7 units on two house blocks. Thirty-five of thirty-seven trees to be removed.

A 165 signature petition lodge opposing overdevelopment of the site and the loss of 35 trees.

Given the limited time to appraise the application the CWWPA Committee resolved that the Secretary lodge a submission objecting to the removal of significant mature trees from the site given the lack of available space for replacement trees at a ratio of 1:3 being planted. The development should be modified as necessary to allow the retention of significant mature trees on the site. Submission made.

Nett zero emissions

The NSW Government’s Environment Minister seems to be taking climate change seriously. He is calling for a Carbon Tax.

Minister Matt Kean has said that the state’s electricity system must be ‘decarbonised’. He is calling for a carbon tax to achieve this aspiration. He is supporting a new pro-renewable strategy to drive emissions down to achieve the government’s goal of nett zero emissions by 2050. Let us hope this does not become a nett zero omissions policy.

Move: CWWPA write to the Premier requesting details of Minister Kean’s proposed carbon tax.

Leisure centre upgrade

DA for pools upgrade to be lodged.

Key features of the new design are:

  • An 8 lane x 25m rebuild of the existing pool
  • Additional 4 lane x 20m Programme pool
  • Additional 4 lane x 20m Learn to Swim pool
  • Toddler Play pool / Splash pad
  • New Spa & Sauna adjoining the pool deck
  • A refurbished roof structure
  • Refurbished reception area
  • Expanded entry area and improved pool deck visibility
  • Reoriented swim school, physiotherapy and meeting rooms
  • Sustainability features such as solar panels and water harvesting
  • Improved water filtration and management
  • Additional seating

CBD strategy concerns

It has been revealed that the background technical studies related to the revised strategy was paid for by developers. As this is unusual Council has provided a comprehensive statement on the matter

(refer https://www.willoughby.nsw.gov.au/Council/News-and-media/Chatswood-CBD-Planning-and-Urban-Design-Strategy-2036).

Unfortunately, Council has not addressed some key issue.

Accordingly move that CWWPA write to Council requesting information as follows:

  • Did council select and instruct the consultants independently and at the end hand the bill over and the developers paid the bill no question asked?
  • Who were the Developers involved and how much did each pay?
  • Are the consultant involved part of an industry association which has an appropriate ethics code covering such situations
  • Did the developers have any influence over the management of the consultants

Amalgamations flop?

In 2016 the state government amalgamated 20 Councils to form 10 Councils. The aspiration was that amalgamations would save ratepayers money. Central Coast Council has become bankrupt and an Administrator has been appointed.

Between them the ten Councils have accumulated losses of over $1 billion in just three years. The new Central Coast Council has been sacked and an administrator appointed.