Chatswood Golf Club Public Lands

The Public land used by Chatswood Golf Club has been controversial

6 thoughts on “Chatswood Golf Club Public Lands

  1. In regard to the proposed Lane Cove River Sports Fields I wish to state that I am against this proposal especially for the reasons below.

    It would destroy the relic mangrove community and the plant & animal communities that rely on these mangroves.
    A mangrove may be a tree, shrub, palm, fern, climber or grass – all
    of them able to live in salt water.

    1 Mangroves improve water quality by filtering pollutants, stabilising
    and improving the soil and protecting shorelines from erosion.
    2 Mangroves are an important part of the food chain for a number of
    animal species. (Sydenham, S & Thomas, R. Mangroves in Australia.
    [Online] (2003)
    3 Mangroves serve as valuable nursery areas for fish and
    4 Mangroves Support Threatened and Endangered Species

    It would increase the traffic along Fullers Road which is already too congested and is causing recent problems for local residents.
    It would destroy much sandstone that forms the valley sides potentially leading to destabilization of the area in the future.
    The sports fields would not benefit local residents as they would primarily be used for inter-district games.
    The playing surface would have to have constant maintenance of water drainage as it is so close to the river level.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Entered by Editor on behalf of letter writer

  2. We have lived in Hawthorne Ave for 47 years & over that time have been involved in numerous community activities. Pam is a life member of Chatswood Public School P&C & a current member of O.H.Reid bushcare group. David has been a member of the Lane Cove River Estuary Management Committee (1995—2000), Streamwatch (Swaines Creek 1998–2007), Fullers Rd Community Fire Unit (1994–2007), O.H.Reid bushcare group (1990–present).
    We are not golfers & are not current or past members of Chatswood Golf Club or any other golf club.

    In our 47 years here we have found Chatswood Golf Club to be an excellent community neighbour & we strongly support an extension of their lease over golf holes 6, 7 & 8

    We are against the proposal to use this land for sports fields because of;

    1) the likely negative environmental impact on the Lane Cove River & its riparian zone & the loss of bushland,
    2) increased traffic congestion at Fullers Bridge traffic lights & increased parking in the general area. This extra traffic combined with traffic from the proposed acoustic laboritory development will be horrendous,
    3) expected high cost of the project to prevent flooding of the ovals & construction of parking areas,
    4) loss of 3 golf holes & course redesign will have a drastic negative impact on the golf club’s long term viability.


    Entered by editor on behalf of letterwriter

  3. The Chatswood Golf Course is a unique asset for Chatswood West. Stopping the lease will disintegrate the one and only 18 holes golf course in Chatswood and change the beauty of this area forever.

    We have the heavy traffic problem with the football/playing field at Reid Reserve on the weekend, just imagine what the problem will be with more playing fields. The maintenance cost for fields for the council will be mammoth also.

    The golf fairway has been very well maintained by Chatswood Club without any cost to council. The surrounding residents in the West Ward has been enjoying the view and the ground for many years. It is so wonderful for many residents walking from far, hand in hands, family or with dogs, to pass by the road besides the golf course, everyday, just enjoying the view to the golf course and the river. What a therapy and a relaxation! It will be different with just a flat playing field and especially a heavily used and worn fields.

    Please help many us who love the place, around the course, to have the golf couse to continue, and to provide meaningful role for the West Ward.
    Thank you and regards,

    Posted by Editor on behalf of letter writer,

  4. Published by the Editor on behalf of reader

    My wife and I have lived in West Chatswood for 38 years and have enjoyed the beautiful landscape and wildlife that inhabit the area around the bushland, golf course and river in the immediate area.
    For the Council to consider the possibility of changing these dynamics to allow sporting fields and all the things that could impact on this special environment is of great concern to us.
    We would strongly object to any change to this area as the impact of allowing many people and motor vehicles would greatly impact on the wildlife as well as the people living in the area.
    If you would like us to join in a protest to Council or sign a petition please let us know.

  5. I live on The Fairway and am interested in lending support to the local group involved in the golf course campaign.

    Posted by the Editor on behalf of reader

  6. Comments entered by Editor on behalf of reader:

    Firstly, thank you for giving us the opportunity to express our concerns over Council’s consideration of encroaching onto Chatswood Golf Club grounds in order to develop several full sized sports grounds in the Chatswood West area.

    We are long term (over 30 years) residents of Hawthorne Avenue and can see the impact of such a decision on our Street alone, not to mention the whole West Chatswood area.
    Already cars are parking in our Street on weekends in order to walk to the existing sports ground down at the end of Fairyland Avenue. People walk though the cul-de-sac and scramble down the rugged path through the bush rocks to get to the Oval. I cannot imagine how ridiculous this could become with even more sports grounds built along the golf course. Our street will become ‘car logged’ and we have recently had one side of the street marked for ‘no parking’ due to its narrowness.

    The whole area along Fullers Road and all the so called “quiet area” of Fullers Road will become congested with traffic – especially on the weekend.
    It is hard to believe that Council could even consider such a untenable option. The works program to develop this idea would mean disruption and stripping of the environment and completely changing the natural feel of the area which existing residents were drawn to in the first case. It will change the environment completely. The cost of this destruction is huge in both dollars and detriment to the Lane Cove River area. It is an insult to local residents for Council to pretend they are concerned about our environment and yet are happy to consider destroying the precious Lane Cove River area.

    Has Council any responsibility to its existing ratepayers living West of Chatswood? Apparently not.
    We are disadvantaged in many ways already – limited flow of traffic onto the Pacific Highway, no local strip shopping, no consideration for limited free parking in our own city and Council appears to think it has this right to over-ride the will of the residents in order to placate outrageous ideas of non-residents. If Council is allowed to nibble away at the golf course, what will be next – Lane Cove park?

    Chatswood West residents have already had to live through the building of the railway under Fullers Road – many months of dust, trucks, blasting and electricity cuts day and night. Before that was the building of the M3 which put many earth moving trucks onto Fullers Road for months.

    As the Willoughby population continues to outgrow its boundaries and the pressure for more open space continues, eventually people will forget how great it was to live in a environment with trees and gardens. Apartment living with no outdoor space will overtake us as the norm. Or is this the Council’s ultimate aim?

    May I suggest then that Council reconsider its program of building more and more high rise apartments which in turn requires outdoor space and solutions to the inevitable excess traffic – all of which encroach on the existing residents life style.

    If there is anything further that we can do to help in any regard, please don’t hesitate to let us know;

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