Government Representatives

There are three levels of Government in Australia. Federal, State and Local. Whilst each tier has defined roles it is sometimes difficult to work out who is responsible for what. So often, you ring your local Councillor (the tier of Government closest to the people). Don’t be surprised if they advise you that the matter you have raised is the responsibility of a State of Federal representative. Below are the details od your government representative at each tier of Government. (We are assuming that your Federal representative are unlikely to change post September 7th


Federal Seat of North Sydney – Hon. Joe Hockey emaiI:

Federal Seat of Bradfield – Hon. Paul Fletcher email:


State Seat of Willoughby – Hon. Gladys Berejiklian email:

State Seat of Lane Cove – Hon. Anthony Roberts Email:


  • Clr Tony Mustaca (Independent) Email:
  • Clr Lynne Saville (Greens) email:
  • Clr Mandy Stevens (Independent) – on sick leave from Council until at least 1 January 2014

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