Bus to After School?

schoolBusCouncils are considering bussing children to after-school care. Willoughby is one of two Councils (the other being Leichhardt) who might set up centralised after-school care centres. Two West Wards three primary schools (Our Lady of Dolours and Chatswood Public School)  currently walk their students to the Trumper Pavilion on Chatswood Oval. Mowbray Public School has a purpose-built Out of School Hours (OOSH) care facility, run by a private operator, within the school grounds.

In Willoughby it is postulated that school-based services have less than 10% of the capacity needed. Council is looking to refurbish Council facilities to enable them to become multipurpose facilities capable for catering for out of school hours services. However, the facilities are not near the schools, so transport would be required.


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