Acoustic Laboratory


THE long-running saga over the National Acoustic Laboratory site could be resolved, with Willoughby Council and residents set to support the latest plans.

For the past seven years there has been debate over the redevelopment of the site at 126 Greville St, Chatswood with the council rejecting an original proposal of 14 residential flats with 230 units.

Two years ago, amended plans on the bushland setting that included 14 buildings again, but with 10 less units was also rejected by the council.

But the council and residents are set to support the latest plans for the site, which will be determined by the Joint Regional Planning Panel.

The new plans cap the dwellings at 60, with the building heights to be two or three storeys.

Local resident Daniel Cumming said: “This compromise is the best deal that has been put forward.”

But residents wanted to ensure public access to open space was retained.

The council supports an “adaptive reuse” of the existing buildings on the site, but conceded the latest plans “represent an acceptable compromise”.

A council report also states the traffic created by the latest plans would be “considerably less” than previous proposals


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