Friendly Cities

Council recently considered a proposal for Councillors and staff to visit towns in Italy. Council had already entered into a Global Friendship/Sister Cities agreement with Guardia Sanframondi, a small hamlet in the mountains behind Naples. There is a relatively large community in Willoughby who migrated from this area. It was also proposed that Councilors and staff meet with Vetrona while they were in Italy.

The plan was that the Mayors costs be met by Council and everyone else would need to pay their own way. There was debate on this matter before it was decided that only the trip to Guardia Sanframondi would be endorsed by Council.

Clr. Mustaca is planning on going on the trip (at his own expense). The motion was moved by the two remaining West Ward Councillors (Mustaca and Saville)

One thought on “Friendly Cities

  1. Hello, I was wondering what became of the sister city endeavor with Guardia Sanframondi. Please let me know if this passed. I am originally from California but I live part time in Guardia Sanframondi, and I would like to help promote the area. Thank you, Alecia

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