Traffic: Coolaroo & Dalrymple

ratrunA local resident has voiced the following concerns:
“With the Lane Cove re-zoning of the Southern side of Mowbray road, the said 5/6 new developments will bring in another “huge” amount of traffic into the back streets of Chatswood West and residence in the area especially in Coolaroo Road and Dalrymple Avenue will suffer more than what it already is today.From a survey and submission to the Willoughby council more than a year ago of the flow of traffic this work was all in vain and rejected by James Brocklebank, Group Leader Traffic & Transport Willoughby Council.

In the last 2 months, I counted at least 1 car a second during the rush hour and school periods as this “rat run” from Mowbray Road to Chatswood is getting more popular and the newly installed Traffic lights at Beaconsfield & Mowbray Road does not really serve the residence of Coolaroo Road and Dalrymple Avenue as it only permits traffic to turn left into Mowbray road and not right.

A resolution needs to be done to make it more difficult for free flow traffic through the area as today and the future volumes will increase and also some “hoons” are also utilising it as a “race track” late night/early morning too.”

Concerned resident


3 thoughts on “Traffic: Coolaroo & Dalrymple

  1. Any suggestions on how to deal with this problem, without denying the people who live in this part of Chatswood a safe way to turn right into Mowbray Rd? Beaconsfield Rd is left turn only. Via Coolaroo onto Greenlands Rd is the only alternative….unless someone wants to put traffic lights at the intersection of Dalrymple and Mowbray.

  2. A good start would be fixing the Beaconsfield lights to allow right turns onto Mowbray. Would simply require the removal of the Left Turn Only / No Right Turn signs. With the new lights residents like us (Beaconsfield/Sharland) have no access to Lane Cove or beyond without taking the Dalrymple/Coolaroo option, something I see as a bad thing for residents of those streets not to mention annoying for us.

  3. Allowing right turn from Beaconsfield onto Mowbray would take a great number of vehicles from Coolaroo as we, the local residents from around the golf course, have no option but to drive through Coolaroo to go west towards Epping Road. As John suggests fixing the lights would take us directly onto Mowbray and not into quiet residential streets!

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