West Ward Difference

In Willoughby there are four wards but nine Progress Associations. There is only one Progress Association covering all of West Ward. So, on average there are around three Progress Associations for each of the other three wards. These Progress Associations tend to be much smaller and to represent the people of uniquely identifiable localities e.g. Castlecrag.

The task for the West ward Progress Association is to maintain contact and representation with over 6,000 households. To do this we need more people to become engaged with the Association. This can be by a variety of means:

  • leave a comment on our web stories
  • write to us about issues that concern you
  • become a member
  • subscribe to our electronic newsletter Email: cwwpaNews@gmail.com
  • help deliver our printed newsletter
  • come to a meeting (7:30 PM 3rd Thursday, Dougherty Centre)
  • spread the word to you neighbours

Willoughby City will be facing many and complex pressures over the next few years. We need all WestWarders to come together to promote our Ward.

You can make contact with us at cwwpanews@gmail.com


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