Bush Fire Survival Plan

Fire and Rescue NSW have been distributing a bright red ‘Bushfire Emergency Must Have Bag’ to homes in bushfire prone lands. The contents include various brochures and information kits including:

  • Covering letter
  • A localised look at the bushfire environment
  • Bushfire emergency checklist, and Emergency Contact List
  • Detailed Bushfire Emergency Survival Plan

The Bushfire Emergency Survival Plan was developed by the NSW Rural Fire Service. It is very comprehensive and should be read and understood by all residents.

There is one new aspect of the Emergency Survival Plan that has not been widely advertised. This is the concept of a Neighbourhood Safer Place.

Full details of Neighbourhood Safe Places are available here.  The current closest defined Neighbourhood Safer Place for West Ward residents is CHATSWOOD PARK. This is located in Albert Avenue next to the railway line, in front of Chatswood Oval.

More details about bush fire safety can be obtained on the NSW Rural Fire Service website.

Similar information is available on the Willoughby Council site.


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