Beaconsfield Lights

A local resident has expressed the following views:

At last the lights have been installed and operating. I feel safer crossing the roads on foot.

However, the stops on either side on the Mowbray Rd were moved further from the crossing. Only the one on the Lane Cove side has the shelter restored. The one on the Chatswood side, used for going to Chatswood Station via the Pacifric Highway  has no shelter now. I had been told that both shelters would be put in once the work on the lights were done.

Lane Cove Council referred me to the RMS. I left a phone message for a RMS officer on September 12. There has been no reply nor sign of work commenced.

The stop is fully exposed to weather. The last 2 weeks have shown how umbrellas fail in gusty wind channeled along the natural ridge between apartment blocks.


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