Federation of Progress Associations

On the 12th October 2013, Kay Freudenastein-Hayes and Terry Fogarty attended the Federation of Progress Association meeting as West Ward delegates. Points discussed of particular interest to WestWarders were:

  • It looks like that there will be no ticket dispensing machine at Railway Stations when the Opal Card fully implemented.
  • There was a claim by one delegate that double-deck trains would fit into the new, smaller tunnels of the NW Rail Link. Further research however does not seem to support this assertion.
  • There is a need to better understand the differences between Public Hearings cf Public Meetings under the current planning legislation (as well as appeal rights in relation to JRPPs and PACs
  • There were a variety of views expressed regarding Voluntary Planning Agreements
  • There is a proposal going to the Traffic Committee to remove parking in Albert Avenue between the rail bridge and Pacific Highway.
  • Any Golf Club comments to Ted Wilson
  • Bob McKillop announced that he needs to step down as the Federation’s delegate to the Willoughby Traffic Committee. Terry Fogarty was endorsed as Bob’s replacement on the Committee.




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