Millwood Avenue safety

A resident of Millwood Avenue has raised the following matters:

The dangers that residents of Millwood Avenue face every day, is that

a)      Residents of Millwood Ave  risk their lives every day trying to get to the bus stop. It is reported that the other day where a guy got out of his car, and yelled at the driver behind him, that he was already 20 kph over the speed limit, and was still being pushed to go faster!

b)      The RMS website explains the number of accidents on Millwood avenue down from the Fullers Rd, Millwood Ave junction to Lady Game drive, and they continue to happen.

c)       Backing out of a garage on Millwood Avenue is a challenge every day, even at 6.30 A.M.

d)      Many discussions with police indicate they will not put a mobile traffic camera on Millwood Avenue due to OH and S issues for their members!

e)      So, this road goes un – policed and is dangerous to

f)       Sections of Millwood  Avenue footpath are that narrow (towards Lady Game Drive) that speeding trucks and vehicles are a real and present danger to pedestrians.

g)      If Fullers Rd gets a speed camera, then any chance of Millwood Avenue getting one are nigh on impossible.

h)      I have written countless emails to RMS, even had a representative out to understand the issues, and to date  – nothing.

i)        Raised this at several CWPA meetings.

The issue of road safety in Millwood Avenue has been added to the Agenda of our next meeting on Thursday 21st November, 7:30 PM Dougherty Centre, Victor Street.  Representative of RMS and the Police are being invited to attend.


3 thoughts on “Millwood Avenue safety

  1. As a resident of Millwood Avenue I am in full accord with all of the comments. Further I would like to add that development work in Lindfield by Defence Housing Australia, and the recent announcement of an additonal 3000 residences to be built at North Ryde station is going to put more pressure on a the single laned Millwood Ave. A recipe, I would suggest that will more and more endanger our children, the elderley and all residents who have to cross Millwood Ave to get to a bus stop.

  2. I use the Millwood Avenue bus stop five days per week. Cars and trucks speed around a blind corner and then head down towards the Lady Game drive intersection. It is quite amazing to me that this situation has been allowed to continue by the RMS. It is really scary that we have families with young children on the avenue who have to deal with the speed of motorists and truck drivers who seem to have no regard for the 50 km speed limit.

  3. Posted by the Editor on behalf of writer:

    Thank you for the information provided for the road works to be completed along Fuller’s Road.

    As a resident on Millwood Avenue, I can see the local residents and council’s issues in regard to speed. We have speeding D-B trucks, construction trucks, buses and cars on our “avenue”.
    It is a scary proposition to cross the road each day to the bus stop on Millwood Avenue with trucks speeding around a blind corner in all types of weather. Motorists use Millwood Avenue like a highway.
    The lack of pedestrian infrastructure makes the speed issue even more important. Single lane each way, narrow pedestrian paths with cars and truckies less than an arm’s length away travelling at around 60-65 kms.
    We have families with young children along the Millwood Avenue stretch. A neighbour had their pram clipped by a passing truck when walking down Millwood Avenue.
    I witnessed one motorist getting out of his car and yelling at a driver behind him recently, he said “I am doing 70 kms in a 50 km zone and you are pushing me to go faster, get off my car’s behind”.
    Millwood Avenue is a mess. I guess the Fuller’s Road community think the same will happen to them if they also become a single lane. Too much traffic, too much speed, all to avoid toll roads.

    I would be happy to discuss this matter further should you wish. Best of luck in what seems like a very hard situation.

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