Chatswood Golf Club Public Lands

On the 16th October Councillor Saville and Ian Tanner addressed the public hearing on proposed categorisation of WCC community land in relation to part of Chatswood Golf course. Chair of the hearing, Ms.Sandy Hoy and Council’s Open Spaces Manager Julie Whitfield explained the narrow focus of the hearing. The green area of the draft Plan of Management [POM] is designated as Sports Ground and as such embraces Golf and other sports. In Ian Tanner’s view, the green area seems sufficient to provide room for three playing fields for school children to play competitive games.

Submissions on this matter can be received until 4 November 2013.

After discussion of this matter at the October meeting of the Progress Association, including with two representative from the Golf Club, the meeting voted in favour of the motion below (3 against).

THAT this meeting endorses granting Chatswood Gold Club an interim lease whilst investigations are undertaken into the viability of alternative uses of the Council land including consideration of multi-use arrangements.”

The President of Chatswood Gold Club advised that they are currently in negotiation with Council regarding providing public access over part of their privates lands to complete the missing link of the Rail to River walk.


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