Golf Club – Categorisation, Plan of Management and Leases

In dealing with the renewal of the lease of land to Chatswood Golf Club there are three discrete steps in the process:

  1. Categorisation of Community land
  2. Plan of Management
  3. Lease (renewal)

Categorisation of community land part Sportsground, part Natural Area-bushland

Normally for a lease renewal Council would not be dealing with either the categorisation of the land to community land or creating a Plan of Management for the site. However, these two stages in dealing with public land had been overlooked in the past.

A public hearing regarding the categorisation of the currently leased land as community land (part Sportsground and part Natural Area-Bushland was undertaken by an Council-independent chairperson (Sandy Hoy) was carried out on the 16th of October 2013. Local resident Ian Tanner and Councillor Lynne Saville attended the hearing. Ms Hoy is recommending to Council that the land be categorised as proposed. That is part  ‘Sportsground’ and part ‘Natural Area-Bushland’.

The ‘Sportsground’ categorisation allows for the land to be used for a wide range of sporting activities (subject to assessment of impact) as well for the playing of golf.

View a copy of the public hearing report.

Plan of Management

The next stage in the process is the adoption by council of the Plan of Management for the site. A Plan of Management has to be in place to allow a lease to be let. The proposed Plan of Management identifies a number of current uses of the land. These include:

  • Holes 6, 7 and 8 of the Chatswood Golf Course (the rest of the golf course land is privately owned
  • Walking and exercising of dogs
  • Part of the ‘Rail to River Walk’ (SEE ELSEWHERE ABOUT THIS)
  • Pedestrian access from OH Reid Reserve
  • An informal pathway adjacent to the Lane Cove River
  • A path from Mooney Street
  • A signposted crossing point that enables walkers to cross the golf course at the tee for the 6th hole

NOTE: Under the terms of the categorisation of the land as ‘sportsground’ a wide variety of sports are allowable on the leased land.

3. Leases

It is proposed that Council will be entering into at least two leases with Chatswood Golf Club:

  1. Council as Trust Manager regarding uses of Crown land under the Crown Lands Act 1989.
  2. Lease regarding the use of the community land according to lease provisions of the Local Government Act 1933.

There may also be a need to Council to enter a cross lease with the Club to allow public access to Golf Club (private) land to connect the two parts of the Rail to River walk.

NOTE: At this point there are no copies available of the proposed leases.


5 thoughts on “Golf Club – Categorisation, Plan of Management and Leases

  1. As a Chatswood Golf Club member for over 15 years, I find this proposal to build ovals instead of holes 6 to 8 at CGC as a serious concern.

    Why do we have to do this there?

    I have never heard of a 15 hole golf course, and I hardly expect members would want to keep their memberships if people were forced to play three holes TWICE?

    Surely there must be another alternative?

    (Comment posted by editor on behalf letter writer

  2. I oppose the construction of additional sports grounds on the existing golf course in Chatswood West. Our neighbourhood has had increased traffic imposed upon it over many years with construction of the M2, growth of Chatswood, and denser local housing without any significant improvement in local road infrastructure, such that now getting a reasonable exit time from either end of Fullers Road takes careful consideration of time of day. If sports fields are planned, lets see the road infrastructure upgraded first.
    In addition the bush/river bank adjacent to Lane Cove River provides a conduit for wildlife from Lane Cove National Park to nearby bushland and gardens for feeding, breeding and other purposes – this would be significantly reduced or destroyed by sports field construction.

    Posted by the Editor on behalf of letter writer

  3. I’m contacting you as a courtesy to let you know that a few of us West
    Chatswood locals have begun a communication program to inform nearby
    residents and warn of the possibility that Council might seriously
    consider the idea of converting holes 6, 7 and 8 of the Chatswood Golf
    Course into field sport grounds.

    While we agree that additional fields are an important response to the
    recent population growth in Willoughby, we as a group are as one in
    our rejection of this idea and believe that it is seriously misguided
    in its conception. Some of our concerns are more fully set out in the
    attached letter. Some of us will be doing a letter box drop of this
    letter to those residences in the streets we believe will be affected
    should this idea turn into a formal plan for consideration.

    Forewarned is forearmed.

    I hope that we can count on your support amongst the “nays” should
    this idea get legs.

    Should you wish to contact any of us please don’t hesitate to do so
    via any of the email addresses above. My personal phone contacts are
    also below.

    Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

    Posted by the Editor on behalf of letter writer

  4. My family are residents of Chatswood West.

    As West Ward Residents our feedback: “YES” to Lease Extension to Golf Club to continue using 6th, 7th, 8th for passive golf + recreational walking.

    We OPPOSE more intense development or sports use of this land.
    We have existing Traffic Flow, Traffic Jam Issues.
    Also with Parking Issues, which we need to focus and improve on community services and infrastructures.

    We strongly support Specialisation on landuse.
    Our strength and unique landmark in our West Ward is definitely Chatswood Golf Club which is hand-in-hand with bushwalking Reserve Nature Park Activities.
    Also as local West Ward Residents, we seek more support from Willoughby Council to sponsor our local schools to encourage our kids to take up golf in sports PE programme. Another well-known landmark, we have a very good Chatswood West Bowling & Tennis Club up the road, would like to see Willoughby Council to continue supporting their programmes.

    In West Ward, we will need to be even more sensible.
    Be aware that we need to appreciate, protect all that is around us and be always mindful of natural hazards.
    We need to consider safety issues of landuse, Bushfires seasons, also evacuation strategies, all that and especially in our existing bad traffic scenarios.

    This concerned area is low level, Floodzone as well as Bush Protection Zone.
    We don’t want Unrealistic Contingency plans and more damages or deaths coz we are unable to move trapped victims out into safety zones.

    In our West Ward area, we already have a good balance with Nature and Landuse.
    Just need to make sure we stay clear of wrong decision, do not create detrimental consequences and bring damaging disasters to our residents, nature, and community members.

    I hope in the future our West Ward Residents don’t receive notices relating to unrealistic proposals e.g. building aquatic center / equestrian facilities / water park Wet N Wild / Luna Park / movie world.

    * SUGGESTION: our Chatswood High School is in need of funding to better our school sports facilities.
    Could Willoughby Council consider this area in great need?

    Have a great day!

    Posted by the Editor on behalf of letter writer

  5. I live on The Fairway since 1972.
    I have never written to you or any Councillor but this time I feel I must register my DISGUST to such a unconsidered, revolting and stupid idea!
    Or there is somebody that has a vested interest in sending the Chatswood golf Club BROKE? And the Willoughby Council in a financial disaster?
    I hope you make sure that this folly is made to rest as soon as possible.

    Entered by the Editor on behalf of letter writer

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