Chatswood – Tourism

On 22 March 2010 Council Item 15.1: Notice of Motion – Facilitation of Tourism in IncineratorWilloughby That the Officers be requested to prepare a report on:

  • the conduct of research to ground possible future tourism in the fields of the natural environment, built environment, any recognised religious destinations, the possible development of local items of interest of indigenous history and white settlement, local retail and restaurant operations and The Concourse venues in relation to inbound tourism
  • the marketing to Inbound Tour Operators for tour packages that might arise from the research outlined in the last dot point; packages to our region from European destinations, Canada, the Americas, S.E. Asia and particularly China.
  • seeking guidance as to whether Chatswood can gain China Approved Destination Status as a locality.
  • scoping out the potential for an event(s) to be developed as a centrepiece for tourism
  • ascertain the potential for a regional approach to tourism in terms of marketing and synergy of effort.

Council staff are currently working within Destination NSW’s guidance to further develop Chatswood as a tourism destination. This will involve working with CBD stakeholders (The Concourse, Westfield, Chatswood Chase) to develop large events that attract inbound tourism. It will also look at international marketing opportunities particularly focused around business events. Staff will work through the Destination NSW toolkit in order to develop a strategic program of activities for 2014.


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