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acousticsThanks to all those that attended the JRPP meeting on the 23rd October and especially to those that spoke. It was a curious meeting that seemed to focus more on whether the community feedback was relevant to a planning decision rather than actually listening to the feedback. See the attached notification of the panel’s decision. I note that they make specific reference to the bush fire concerns that were raised.

My interpretation of the recommendation means that, if the Minister agrees, the land will be zoned R3 Medium Density, limited to 60 dwellings of minimum lot size of 220 square metres and 12 metre height restriction which is about 3 storeys. The zoning still allows for adaptive reuse of the existing building but the current concept plans from the developer suggest terraced-style townhouses. Compared to the original proposal for 6 storey apartment blocks of up to 250 dwellings, this is appears to be somewhat of a compromise although not the preferred outcome.

It’s unclear what the developer will do next. If they submit a Development Application, our focus will move to details ensuring the community’s views are heard on issues such as overshadowing etc.

Drop me an email if you have any questions or concerns and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Thanks again for all your support.

Resident’s Consultative Committee


One thought on “Acoustic Laboratories

  1. This veiwpoint has been posted by the Editor on behalf of the writer:

    This looks like the final advice to the Minister. It is unlikely he will act against it.
    The next battle will be achieving a DCP that “rehabilitates native riparian vegetation along the creek”. I doubt this vegetation is fully defined, as it would have changed due to human ignorance, before, during, and after its use as a rifle range.
    Then, there may be dispute over design of the buildings to comply with AS3959, which has several different classes of construction, depending on the level of exposure to bushfires. The class will vary along the street.
    I am not certain what condition 8 means; the Asset Protection Zone is meant to apply to the common accessible land between the buildings and the bush, which includes the perimeter fire trail. I don’t think it would include the tiny back yards of the houses. If it did, there would be added OH and S requirements on rear fence types and escape routes between the buildings.
    In the event of a “Catastrophic Bushfire Warning”, the Evacuation Plan would be implemented. I don’t think a plan for 60 dwellings has been developed and proven in real life bushfires yet!

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