Meriton Appeal

Meriton has appealed to the Land and Environment Court the PAC decision not to grant them increased development on the Albert Avenue car park site near the railway line. Meriton want

  • 47 storeys in residential tower instead of 29 (18 increase)
  • 355 apartments instead of 233 (122 increase)
  • 37 storeys in serviced apartment block rather than 29 (8 increase)
  • serviced apartments from 301 to 359 (57 increase)
  • parking spaces from 508 to 660 (52 increase)

The initial phases of the appeal is a ‘conciliation conference’ between Meriton and the PAC. The conciliation conference is set down for 9:30 am onsite on 22 November 2013. In the event that no agreement can be reached the searing is listed to start on-site at 9:30am on 11th-13th December 2013.

The Minister for Planning’s position is that those that made a submission should be given the right to speak at the Conciliation Conference.

The PAC website will be kept updated with information about the appeal


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