Urban Screen

UrbanScreenThe Urban Screen at The Concourse has been operated by Urban Screen Productions for over a year. The tender for the operation of the urban screen required that it must be in accordance with Willoughby City Council’s General Governing Principles and Operating Guidelines for the Screen. Under these Principles all content must adhere to this document and:
a) Be appropriate to a ‘G – rate’ audience
b) Be of a high quality
c) Reflect the unique marketing niche of The Concourse; and
d) Observe all relevant Acts and Statues and Willoughby City Council’s policies and procedures.

These Governing Principles and operating guidelines were previously adopted by Council on 12 December 2011.

It is now proposed to allow screening of M-rated content after 8:30PM.


One thought on “Urban Screen

  1. The vote by Councillors regarding allowing ‘M-rated’ movies to be shown on the urban screen after 8:30PM was 7 in favour and 3 against. West Ward Councillors Tony Mustaca and Lynne Saville voted against the proposal.

    Arguments for the motion were in favour of making The Concourse more attractive to a wider audience. The against was was centered on concern at the amount of violence in the community.

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