Acoustics Lab – 126 Greville

The Planning Proposal for the redevelopment of the Acoustics Laboratory site has now been determined. More than likely, this will see the demolition of the buildings on the site. The next stage in the process will be for the applicant to lodge Development Application (DA). Presumably, the DA will be determined by the Joint Regional Planning Panel (not by Willoughby Council). A full copy of the Panel’s determination follows.

A number of local residents attended the meeting with the panel. By and large, many felt that they were not given a fair hearing.


The Minister for Planning and Infrastructure directed the Sydney East Joint Regional
Planning Panel (regional panel) to be the rel On 31 October 2013, the panel members met to

planning briefed on the planning proposal and to the relevant planning authority (RPA) for the above

review material relevant to the proposal.

The resolution of the panel is:

1. The Panel resolves unanimously to recommend to the Minister to make the LEP. This recommendation should accompany the s59 report of the Department of Planning and

2. The Panel’s resolution is subject to the relevant authority’s adoption of the Development
Control Plan at the same time as the LEP is made. The DCP is to be based on the draft
DCP as exhibited except as below.

3. The word “staged” is deleted from cl 26.

4. The objectives of the DCP are:

To ensure that development

a) does not adversely impact on bushland within the portion of the site in Zone E2 or on
adjoining land in Blue Gum Park, Greville Street Reserve or the Lane Cove National
Park (by loss of natural vegetation and of significant geological features);

b) includes rehabilitation of native riparian vegetation along the creek; and

c) does not disrupt drainage patterns, alter water tables or increase bushfire hazard.

5. Clause 8 is replaced with the following words: “A Bushland Management Plan, including

a Vegetation Management Plan, a Threatened Species Management Plan and a Bushfire
Management Plan are to be submitted with the DA. The E2 Zone and riparian corridor
around the creek is to be protected and restored in accordance with the Vegetation
Management Plan.”

6. Additional provisions are added:

a) The development is to comply with the Planning for Bushfire Protection and AS 3959
– 2009 Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas.

b) The internal access road shall have a minimum carriageway width of 6.5m. Suitable
turning provisions shall be provided for a tanker at the end of the internal access road
and at the first right-hand turn intersection into the eastern precinct. An emergency
link vehicular access shall be provided at Range Road.

c) A Bushfire Emergency Evacuation Plan is to be submitted with the DA, in accordance
with the NSW Rural Fire Service document Guide for Developing a Bush Fire
Emergency Evacuation Plan.

7. The LEP is to limit the maximum number dwellings on the area to which the LEP refers to
60 and nominate the lot sizes as 220 square metres.

8. The Panel has considered the objectors’ concerns about the bushfire risk to this area.
The Panel notes that under the current zoning, the Asset Protection Zone could be
subdivided into individual rear yards, whereas under the proposed LEP, the E2 Zone and
the riparian corridor along the creek will be protected and restored.

Endorsed by
Dr John Roseth
Chair, Sydney East
Joint Regional Planning Panel
31 October 2013
1. The Panel resolves unanimously to recommend to the Minister to make the LEP. This
recommendation should accompany the s59 report of the Department of Planning and


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