Fullers – up in the air again


Earlier in the week around 800 WestWarders received notification from John Begley of the Roads and Maritime Services that, finally, safety treatments would commence on Fullers Rd starting this Sunday, 1st December 2013.

These safety treatments include a new high-friction surface for the road plus a swathe of line markings addressing danger spots.

BUT. Last Monday night Willoughby Council voted to proceed only with the high-friction treatment. Instead of the safety proposals they have again demanded that a fixed speed camera be installed. (Council has been asking for a few years for a speed camera and has always been advised that the location ranks very low on the ‘dangerous road’ list).

So, where does this leave the proposed safety treatments? The decision on whether these proceed is made by RMS (not Council). To ensure that RMS are aware of the depth of astonishment with the Council outcome you can make your views known by contacting the Project Manager at the RMS: john.begley@rms.nsw.gov.au


2 thoughts on “Fullers – up in the air again

  1. Input by the Editor on behalf of a resident.

    Dear Mr Begley

    Just to let you know that the RMS’ proposals to resurface and institute safety treatments for Fullers Road have overwhelming support from the local residents.

    The Council ambivalence is hard to fathom, but it looks like it was affected by just one resident! We are trying to find out more.

    Please go ahead as planned. It is long overdue.

  2. We refer to the upgrading of Fullers Road due to take place from Sunday 1 December 2013.

    Fullers Road has been so dangerous for a number of years now and the swinging markings have made it even more so. We have been notified of the intentions regarding the upgrading of the road, but have also been informed that the work to make the road safer with right hand turn lanes at various road intersections as one comes down Fullers Road have been shelved due to Willoughby Council not agreeing with these changes.

    This seems unbelievable!!!!

    This road is so dangerous and is particularly dangerous due to the swinging markings and the lack of a proper fix after Greville Street lights where there is a very dangerous left hand lane that is used by road runners on their way round the bend to Millwood Road cnr/Fullers Road/cnr Range Street. This has needed a roundabout for as long as we can remember.

    How anyone can think that upgrading the road is unnecessary is beyond the residents of West Chatswood. Every few weeks a major accident occurs on these roads.

    A speed camera in both directions on Fullers Road is also vital.

    Surely enough is enough! Less talk and more action would greatly help the residents.

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