Fullers – on again

The following information has been provided by John Begley of RMS:

I have been advised by Peter Crosby, Regional Manager Sydney (RMS), that having carefully considered the Willoughby City Council resolution and direct approaches from, and meetings with local residents, RMS still intends to proceed with the high friction resurfacing  scheduled to commence on the night of the on 1 December 2013, thus the improved wet weather safety benefits can be realised as soon as possible.
The new linemarking, including the one lane westbound, will be installed immediately after the resurfacing. RMS will closely monitor the traffic flow on Fullers Road upon the introduction of the new linemarking so that any adjustments to the linemarking or traffic light phasing can be done quickly.
Road Network Leader
Traffic Engineering Services | Journey Management

8 thoughts on “Fullers – on again

  1. hank you for the information provided for the road works to be completed along Fuller’s Road.

    As a resident on Millwood Avenue, I can see the local residents and council’s issues in regard to speed. We have speeding D-B trucks, construction trucks, buses and cars on our “avenue”.
    It is a scary proposition to cross the road each day to the bus stop on Millwood Avenue with trucks speeding around a blind corner in all types of weather. Motorists use Millwood Avenue like a highway.
    The lack of pedestrian infrastructure makes the speed issue even more important. Single lane each way, narrow pedestrian paths with cars and truckies less than an arm’s length away travelling at around 60-65 kms.
    We have families with young children along the Millwood Avenue stretch. A neighbour had their pram clipped by a passing truck when walking down Millwood Avenue.
    I witnessed one motorist getting out of his car and yelling at a driver behind him recently, he said “I am doing 70 kms in a 50 km zone and you are pushing me to go faster, get off my car’s behind”.
    Millwood Avenue is a mess. I guess the Fuller’s Road community think the same will happen to them if they also become a single lane. Too much traffic, too much speed, all to avoid toll roads.

    I would be happy to discuss this matter further should you wish. Best of luck in what seems like a very hard situation.

  2. I am a resident of McLean Ave Chatswood for over 30 years and risk my life on a daily basis just driving in and out of my street. I was thrilled to receive the notices from the RMS and letters from both of you notifying of the work finally proceeding to resolve some of the traffic accidents problems on Fullers Road.

    Then I received an email on 27 November 2013 from the West Ward Progress Association to say:
    “These safety treatments include a new high-friction surface for the road plus a swathe of line markings addressing danger spots. BUT. Last Monday night Willoughby Council voted to proceed only with the high-friction treatment. Instead of the safety proposals they have again demanded that a fixed speed camera be installed. (Council has been asking for a few years for a speed camera and has always been advised that the location ranks very low on the ‘dangerous road’ list).”

    After the many studies and resolutions to this urgent problem, I fail to understand that the Council can override the actions being finally taken to try something to improve the situation, less than a week before the commencement of work.

    The resurfacing is apparently going ahead as planned and will require new lane markings to be painted. I am sure that plans are in place for the new line work to be used as per the letters and notices you sent out to the community. Is it to be understood the Council is preventing the use of single lanes with turn off lanes and return to the current line markings that are so dangerous?

    The current marking are obviously not working, a considerable amount of time and public money has been spent on devising any improvement, it is insanity not to at least try it. We all know that it is impossible to please everybody with a resolution, me included but at least this plan should be completed, it was to be installed 12 months ago and pulled at the last minute to be re ‘studied’. It was again declared to be the most suitable method of resolving the many accidents along this short stretch of road with work to take 2 weeks, commencing on 1 December 2013.

    The claim that a mobile speed notice trailer is not suitable for this section is also not acceptable. I dispute the data that the average speed has been reduced by 6.5 k/h. How is this claim possible, if you are not able to use a speed detection in this location? As a regular user of Fullers Road, the west bound traffic travels downhill at 60 to 80 kls from James Street to Park Ave, except in peak traffic congestion. As this is a 50k zone, the majority of cars are exceeding the speed limit on a downhill blind bend.

    I would strongly like to request a mobile hand held camera or orange advisory trailer be positioned somewhere along the 5 blocks of Fullers Road to prevent the speeding traffic several times a year, along with my request that the Council is not allowed to interfere with the line marking being painted as per your notice and letters. I do hope this work will be completed in full during the next 2 weeks as the community have been advised by you both and Thank You for doing something to save tragedies.

  3. I am a resident of Chatswood West and a regular user of Fullers Rd.
    I am dismayed to hear of the changes that are apparently going ahead to the traffic flow on this road.
    I am one of many cyclists who use this road regularly (four days per week commuting in my case, plus other trips shopping etc) and for whom the current two west bound lanes provides some level of protection against the small number of drivers who seem to feel it is their right to speed down this road whatever the conditions.
    Please let me know how safety issues concerning cyclists have been addressed in considering the proposed changes, which I understand will involve only one westbound lane and will force cyclists into this single lane of traffic. It seems to me that the changes will reconfigure a situation which is relatively safe for cyclists into one which will be desperately unsafe.
    Please assure me that this will not happen.
    It seems to me that by ignoring the speed camera option sought by so many, RMS is opting for an unsafe solution.

  4. Edgar McLean line marking.

    I think the current drawing can be improved by
    1. Reducing the number of car spaces turning right from Fullers at Edgar to three car lengths.
    2. reducing the number of car spaces turning right from Fullers into McLean to three car lengths.
    3. Use a larger turn radius between these right turn bays, resulting in a narrowing of the central divider towards the midpoint of the curve.
    4. Maintain the kerbside lane marker line distance from the new divider line, producing a tapered new moon road portion at the outer south kerb.
    5. Reconstruct the kerb to add the horns of the moon to the nature strip, and if necessary setting the kerb between the horns into the nature strip a bit, so as to provide safer driveway entrances and a few parking bays.

    These parking bays would provide stopping for service vehicles, and for police cars or temporary speed cameras to be placed from time to time to visibly enforce the speed limit.
    The increased clear space from the front fence line to the through lane would assist residents backing out.

  5. Congratulations to RMS. Finally local residents are getting some action after years of “consultation”. Can’t believe the Council wanted to stop it again.

  6. Dear Minister

    On behalf of the residents in the area, thank you for your support in finally having some safety improvements made on Fullers Road.

    The new road surface is markedly quieter and the new road markings, with one lane west with turning bays, has produced a much smoother and safer flow and seems to be keeping traffic within the 50kph limit.

    This is a great improvement and we look forward to having the improvements made permanent and having a speed camera installed.

    Once again a great effort. Thank you.

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