Meriton – Albert Ave Carpark site

meritonAfter a conciliation process with the Land and Environment Court, Meriton has now provided a set of amended plans. The amended plans include the following changes:

 a reduction in the proposed height of the residential tower by 9 storeys
(from 47 storeys to 38 storeys);
 a reduction in the proposed height of the serviced apartment tower by 4
storeys (from 37 storeys to 33 storeys); and
 a number of amendments to the podium design to address access issues,
street activation and the through site link.

NOTE: Whilst there is now a reduction in what Meriton is seeking it should be kept in mind that this is far more than recommended by Willoughby Council and the Planning and Assessment Commission (PAC).

Giving evidence at the hearing
Attached is a further update from the PAC.
As the update says, please advise if you would like to give evidence at the hearing on 11 December 2013 by sending an email to this address no later than Monday 9 December 2013.
As we advised at the s34 conference, it will assist the Court greatly if you try to avoid repeating the same concerns already expressed by other objectors at the hearing. You may even wish to nominate a few spokespersons to speak on behalf of those of you who share similar concerns.
The Commissioner who will make the decision will be a different Commissioner to the Commissioner at the s34 conference.
We will provide the Court with a list of all objectors who advise they wish to speak next Tuesday. A copy of all previous submissions made on mod 6 to the Department and the PAC will also be in evidence before the Court.
Written submissions
If you:
  • cannot attend the hearing or
  • wish to attend but do not wish to speak or
  • you would like to put something in writing about the amended plans,
you can forward a written submission to this address which will also be provided to the Court at the hearing.



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