Beaconsfield Petition



The following response to the Beaconsfield lights petition was received from Willoughby Council:

Dear petitioners,


Thank you for your petition calling for the lifting of the left turn ban for traffic exiting Beaconsfield Road to Mowbray Road West. The petition was considered at the Council meeting on 9 December and has been referred to Council’s Infrastructure Services Division for action.


Council has received a number of submissions from residents concerning the recently introduced traffic signals at the intersection of Mowbray Road and Beaconsfield Road. It should be noted that the introduction of the traffic signals has had a long history dating back to before the introduction of the Lane Cove Tunnel. Council ultimately resolved to support the installation of the signals and specifically supported an option which banned the right turn out of Beaconsfield Road and which prevented the cross traffic movements to and from Ralston Street. This decision was made following a public meeting on 8 February 2012. All residents in the area bounded by Mowbray Road, Greenlands Rd, Goodchap Rd and Swaines Creek/Eddy Rd were invited to that meeting and feedback received at that meeting together with related petitions and other submissions received helped Council determine its stance.


While supporting the installation of the signals Council has also resolved that monitoring of traffic conditions take place after the signals have been installed. This monitoring has commenced.  Once the traffic monitoring has been completed staff will prepare a summary report on the traffic changes which have arisen following introduction of the signals and make recommendations to Council in regard to modifications which might be required to address any traffic concerns. In reporting to Council, issues which have been raised by residents in regard to the operation of the signals will be summarised for the elected Councillor’s information, this will include a summary of comments made in the petition.

It must also be noted that any traffic signal controlled intersection is under the control and management of the of Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and as such Council can only make submissions to RMS seeking changes to the operation of the signals rather than making those changes ourselves. Should Council consider that modifications to the signals might be beneficial it is likely that consultation will take place with residents before approaches are made to RMS.




James  Brocklebank. Group Leader, Traffic & Transport


Willoughby City Council


One thought on “Beaconsfield Petition

  1. Originally, I thought this was a good idea but the traffic hassles have quickly flown all the way back to Greenlands Road, Lane Cove North – Not only with lots of traffic on Mowbray Road, but traffic in Greenlands Roads increasing greatly in peak hour due to people using Coolaroo etc as a rat run. Perhaps a roundabout would have been a better option at Beaconsfield as it would not have caused the Mowbray Road traffic to come to a standstill for the (relatively) small number of cars wishing to turn in or out of Beaconsfield Road. I don’t have a skill-set to solve this – is there a way to fix this issue? This is only going to get worse as thousands of people exit their new Mowbray Precinct units in the not too distant future …

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