Chatswood Tops the Crash List

bingleThe Pacific Highway at Chatswood has jumped to the top of the list of worst crash locations in NSW with 135 crashes and bingles in the year to September 2013, (based on insurance claims lodged with AAMI Insurance).

Locals will tell you that the new statistic just tells what we already knew.

One of the biggest problem locations is the intersection of the Highway with Albert Avenue and Centennial Avenue. This has been a problem location for years. Cars turning right onto the Highway from Albert Avenue frequently ignore the red light at Centennial Ave, driving into the intersection when vehicles turning right from Centennial Avenue are exiting.

Another problem is the fact at certain times of the day lanes in opposite direction are directly facing each other. At similar locations in the city, such as at Neutral Bay, there are in-road guidance lights and overhead lane lights.

The Pacific Highway is under the care and control of the State Government under the jurisdiction of the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). Locals have been lobbying the Local Member (Ms Berijiklian) for years in regard to this problem. It is well behind the time that action is taken to resolve these problems.


4 thoughts on “Chatswood Tops the Crash List

  1. Several years ago my husband who was stationery in his vehicle at red light waiting to turn into Albert Ave, was hit front on by an errant driver in this location. The car was a written off.

    After this (apparently common) event, I tried to get action from council to support safer measures in this place

    I have also advocated at council traffic meetings for overhead signage on the walkway over the highway to indicate traffic flows to no avail

    Nothing has occurred to improve pedestrian and road safety in this location, and indeed the situation has deteriorated as traffic and drivers with poor road skills have increased.

  2. It is a shocking intersection. On a couple of occasions I’ve had cars coming towards me, head on, in the same lane. Thankfully no collisions though.

  3. I have grown up in chatswood west since the 1990s, and recently have had a number of ‘near misses’ almost being hit/killed at the intersection of centennial/pacific and albert/pacific hwy. I’ve already written to the council who have passed on this concern to RTA, but was wondering if this issue was an active issue for your group? I note your posting last year about this issue being an accident hotspot (

    Several months ago i saw a man pushing a pram across the road almost hit by a car running the red light at albert/pacific. Last night i almost was hit by two speeding cars running the read at centennial/pacific hwy. It is only a matter of time before someone dies.

    What is the best forum to bring up this issue, and get some action on this before the inevitable happens?

    • We understand and share your concerns about this intersection. Numerous people (including myself) over many years have been raising the issue with Willoughby Council, RTA/RMS and our local member.

      One of the suggestions was for overhead lane lights and additional red light locations. It seem many drivers are hoodwinked by the green arrow into Centennial. Alternatively the green into Centennial could be removed.

      Willoughby Council has done some planning work and proposed some changes that might resolve the problem.

      At this stage, it is a matter of continuing to lobby Council, RMS/RTA and our local member.


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