Rat runs


Continuing to my Dec 17th email to you Mrs .Berejiklian, I noticed in the last week RTA workers have been “narrowing”

 Mowbray Road between Dalrymple Avenue and Pacific Highway.

It is incredible that they implement “pedestrian crossings” and the narrowing of Mowbray Road to ONE LANE at two sections of Mowbray Road. This will eventuate in more build up of traffic during peak and also Sat peak periods. It will ALSO result in the “filtering” of more traffic into Coolaroo Road and Dalrymple Avenue to avoid the sure to happen traffic jams caused by the narrowing of Mowbray Road to ONE LANE.

Whose brilliant idea is this as that person/persons have no consideration of the people who live along the routes which will experience an increase in traffic through the “rat route” to Chatswood.

Can you really HELP your constituents along the “back roads” to Chatswood???????

We sincerely hope so.


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