Mowbray School Library


The Federal Government is concerned about the planned demolition of the BER (Building the Education Revolution) funded library at Mowbray Public School. The Library was built four years ago.

The reason the Library is slated for demolition is to allow for a redevelopment of the school to provide badly needed student places on the Lower North Shore. There will be a new (better) library in the new school.

Mowbray School is unique on the North Shore with its amount of open space. The new plans seek to retain the trees and other open space (such as the oval). If the library was retained the amount of open space on the site would be reduced.

SEE related comment below from the NSW Minister of Education


One thought on “Mowbray School Library


    Far from demolishing the school, in June last year the NSW Government announced a major redevelopment of Mowbray Public School to accommodate rising demand for school
    places on the North Shore.

    Since then a Project Control Group, including the school principal, parents, local council
    and the Department of Education and Communities, has been established.

    This group will consider a range of options to increase the capacity of the school and will
    then make a recommendation to the Department.

    No decision on the specific design for an expanded school has yet been made. Considering
    the need for additional space for students, the classrooms built under the BER program will

    Consistent with the NSW Government’s reforms, Local Schools, Local Decisions, we will
    continue to listen to the school community on how the project is configured to best suit local

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