Ausgrid Gridlock

ausgridThe story below was submitted by one of our readers:

The West Ward community has become aware of an Ausgrid (14 Nelson Street) plan that will see our local street parking come under more pressure as well as deteriorating traffic congestion.
Ausgrid are changing their vehicle policy over the coming months, meaning Ausgrid employees must return work trucks to the depot between Nelson Street and Mowbray Road every day. For the last 20 years employees have been taking their trucks home.

Thus Ausgrid staff will now have to park their personal cars in nearby residential streets (Nelson Street and Orchard Road) while they are at work for Ausgrid . This means workers will arrive from 6am and leave around 4-5pm, contributing to West Ward traffic congestion.

As well, local West Ward residents will also endure up to 400 Ausgrid truck movements every day on the surrounding roads when the trucks are picked up and dropped off every morning and afternoon.


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