Demolition of Legacy House

legacyIt is proposed to demolish Legacy House (cnr. Johnson & Archer St). In place of the quaint single storey house it is proposed to build a nine-storey ‘affordable-housing’ building. At 9-storey the building is considered by local residents to be a high-density building in a predominantly low-density area. It is proposed that the building would house low to very low income earners.

Whilst the bulk and scale of the building is out of character with the surrounding area, such a building is permissible under State Government Planning Rules.

More than 150 residents protested recently about the development proposal.

The Legacy group who previously owned the property sold it last year.



One thought on “Demolition of Legacy House

  1. Interesting that it is ‘out of character’ given that every other property on that side of Johnson St is a block of high rise apartments. I wonder if as many people would have protested if it wasn’t ‘affordable housing’?

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