Pacific Highway Beautification

eyesoreAs detailed in the Council Report below, Council Saville has proposed a plan to beautify the Pacific Highway. It is estimated that such a proposal would cost at least $25,000..

Whilst, some people would no doubt like a more beautiful highway experience, the majority of people are more concerned about traffic congestion.

In an era when Council finances are becoming critical, what process is used to prioritise Council spending? A Councillor’s (Council) whim or a pre-agreed prioritisation of works?


A Notice of Motion was received by Clr Saville and resolved on 24 February 2014

Council resolved on 24 February 2014:

That a report be prepared outlining costs and options for implementation of a
streetscape improvement program for the Pacific Highway.

The length of the Pacific Highway within the Willoughby City Council local government area
boundary is 5.5 kilometres. The highway is a State Road and is maintained from kerb to
kerb by the NSW Government / Roads and Maritime Services. Over half of this highway
length (3.5 kms) borders with Lane Cove Council (from Mowbray Road to St Leonards).

The responsibility for the footpaths, verges and any street trees remains with the relevant
Council. On sections of the Highway where overhead power lines exist, Ausgrid have taken responsibility for the pruning / removal of trees affecting the electricity grid.


Given the extent and scope of the work outlined in the Council resolution, it is recommended  that the work be subject to the engagement of a suitably qualified landscape architect/ urban designer as currently Council does not have the available resources to complete such a report.

That funds of $25,000 be considered in the draft 2014/15 Council budget to engage a
suitably qualified urban landscape professional to undertake site analysis, concept
options and costings for streetscape improvements for the Pacific Highway within the
Willoughby City Council LG

May 2014: After first being unanimously supported by Councillors, in April, Clr Saville’s motion was voted down (including by Clr Mustaca) when sources of funding were considered. Clr Saville is likely to re-present her motion  later in the year.



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