NorthConnex a dud?

NorthConnexThe prospect that NorthConnex tunnel between the M1 & M2 motorways will relieve traffic on the Pacific Highway is extremely poor.
The M1 to M2  usefulness for Pacific Highway traffic relief was examined by the Pearlman Inquiry.SKM estimated the purple option tunnel would take 2,000 vehicles including 300 trucks per day off the Pacific Highway.Pacific Highway traffic south of Telegraph Road was 63, 500 vehicles per day counted in 2001..
 Pearlman’s Conclusion 4 to Term of Reference 3 recommended “A motorway standard east facing connection between the “”Purple option” [tunnel] and the M2 should be examined in the concept design of the Link”.
This has NOT been done! The present design on the northconnex website has south-facing ramps joining Pennant HIlls Road just to the north of if its bridge over the M2. The traffic from the M2 to the tunnel will have to turn off the M2 ramp to the right on Pennant Hills Road, then cross to the northbound left side lane to enter the tunnel, creating major traffic congestion, which will tail back into the M2 ramp and Pennant Hills Road.
Pearlman’s “Motorway standard connections”  would have to be tunnels about a kilometre long , costing about $ 800 million for two lanes each way. It would also become necessary to further widen the M2 between Pennant Hills Road and the Pacific Highway.
 Alternatively, it would only cost $ 300  million to build the surface F3 Freeway extension from Wahroonga to the M2 at Browns Waterhole, and extend it further up Terry’s Creek to Blaxland Road at Eastwood. All of the traffic on this route would by-pass the NorthConnex tunnel, allowing tunnel traffic to flow more freely.
Jim McCreddie

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