Bus stop shelters

Bus stop shelter (indicative only)
Bus stop shelter (indicative only)

Willoughby Council has let a new contract to replace the existing bus stop shelters. All bus shelters in Willoughby will be replaced throughout 2014.

The shelter replacement will see all bus shelters in Willoughby replaced with new, improved infrastructure. During the replacement process the safety and functionality of the existing street furniture will be assessed, with improvements made where required.

A phased rollout will take place across Willoughby from May to September. A list of scheduled and completed works will be available during the process.



One thought on “Bus stop shelters

  1. I wonder whether during the roll out of the new (replacement) bus shelters Council will remember the shelters promised for Mowbray Road West and Beaconsfield Rd some 3 years ago? Some of the bus stops are in the blazing sun in summer and exposed to all the elements in winter.

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