‘Gateway’ Process Review

BPNThe Better Planning Network has welcomed NSW Planning Minister Pru Goward’s move to re-consider the pre-gateway review process introduced in 2012 by former Planning Minister Brad Hazzard.

‘Pre-gateway reviews allow developers disenchanted with Local Councils’ refusal to rezone their land to pay for a review of this decision through the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.’ said Corinne Fisher. of BPN. ‘This has led to haphazard planning and is inherently unfair in that it provides big developers with backdoor access to approvals for developments opposed by Local Councils and communities. Pre-gateway reviews have angered communities across the state.’ said Corinne Fisher.

‘We welcome Minister’s Goward’s decision to review the pre-gateway process. However, we are apprehensive as to how such a review will take place, what will be its purpose and terms of reference, whether it will involve opportunities for consultation and who will undertake it.’

‘We also call for all applications for pre-gateway reviews to be put on hold pending the findings of the review’. ‘We stand ready to meet with the Government and assist where we can to help restore public confidence to our planning system.’

‘Forcing planning changes on communities, such as through pre-gateway reviews, further alienates the public and damages public trust in our planning system. It’s time for all parties, including industry, to sit down together and start a genuine dialogue about where we go from here.’


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