Mayor Reilly Commemoration

Consideration of an appropriate permanent memorial for Emeritus Mayor Pat Reilly has progressed. Council Officers looked at five options:

The options explored were:

1. A life-sized statue – $80,000
2. A bust – $25-30,000
3. A plaque – $7,500 – 10,000
4. An annual award/scholarship
5. The naming of a facility or part thereof

Pat’s wife Beth) and daughter (Sophie) were consulted. They preferred the option of a statue at The Concourse.

Council Officer recommended:

1. Council endorse the placement of a bronze statue or bust at The Concourse
in recognition of Emeritus Mayor Pat Reilly at a maximum cost to
Willoughby City Council of $35,000.

2. The Community be advised of the above recognition and be invited to
support the project.

3. That through the placement of a statue or bust, it be acknowledged on any
plaque that The Concourse is dedicated to the Former Mayor in recognition
of his service and leadership, particularly in the delivery of The Concourse.

4. Further discussions be held with Willoughby Theatre Company to explore the possibilities of an annual award being held.

Council is yet to decide on this matter.




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