New vegetation clearing legislation

vegetation clearing
Councillor Saville has posed the following questions to Council:
Can you please outline the implications of the new 10/50 vegetation clearing legislation within the WCC?
Can you please identify the 10/50 clearing areas within WCC?
To what extent will the 10/50 have implications for tree preservation on private land, if landowners will now be able to remove trees within 10m of their dwelling without Council consent?
What does this mean for critically endangered  Blue Gum High Forest remnants in Chatswood?
I understand, that in addition there is the potential for the RFS to require Council to clear trees and shrubs in reserves for up to 10 metres from dwellings (trees) and up to 50 metres from dwellings (shrubs). Can you comment please?
There may be extreme consequences for our bushland as many of the reserves are less than 100 metres in width and surrounded by houses on both sides
Perhaps we could propose that LGA lobby to change the impact in Metro areas?
Please include this matter on the next NHBAC agenda.

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