Traffic in Dulwich, Peckham, Anglo. Tessa

Here is the response that residents received from Council regarding concerns bout traffic conditions in these streets:

Re: Traffic in local streets

9 October 2014
I refer to your recent petition to Council regarding traffic on local streets between Pacific Highway and Fullers Road.

Traffic speed and volume counts were recently undertaken in Dulwich Road, Peckham Road, Anglo Street and Tessa Street. The counts showed that in Dulwich Road the 85th percentile speed, (the speed at which 85% of vehicles travel at or below) was 53km/h, which is slightly above the speed limit for the street. This is considered acceptable for local roads, and it should be noted that the count was taken near the bottom of a dip in the street, where cars would be more likely to drive at higher speeds. The 85th percentile speed for the other roads was found to be below the 50km/h speed limit, indicating that speeding is not a problem in these streets.
The traffic counts did show a noticeable increase in traffic travelling towards Fullers Road between 7am and 9am. However this still numbered less than 100 vehicles per hour, which is considered to be a fairly low figure, and well within the environmental capacity of these streets.
Given the results of the traffic counts, the introduction of traffic calming measures in these streets could not be justified. Due to space constraints, it would be unlikely that a 2nd right turn lane from Pacific Highway into Fullers Road could be constructed. It should also be noted that the Pacific Highway lies under the care and control of the RMS, and accordingly it would be the RMS who would decide whether such a project would proceed.

Should you have any comments or questions relating to the matter please contact Council’s Group Leader Traffic & Transport, James Brocklebank on 9777 7750.

Yours faithfully
Paul Collings A/Director Infrastructure Services
Willoughby City Council I 31 Victor Street, Chatswood NSW 2067 I P (02) 9777 1000 PO Box 57, Chatswood NSW 2057 I F (02) 9777 1038 I E email© I ABN 47 974 826 099


4 thoughts on “Traffic in Dulwich, Peckham, Anglo. Tessa

  1. At the October Traffic Committee meeting consideration was given to a late item regarding
    resident concerns about traffic speed, volume and safety on Dulwich Road and Peckham Avenue.

    The Committee noted that recent speed, volume and crash data did not suggest a significant problem in the streets and recommended “That installation of traffic calming measures on Dulwich Road remain an item on Council’s Traffic Hotspots Priority List for future introduction”.

    When the matter was considered by Council, the resolution was amended to state “That installation of traffic calming measures on Dulwich Road remain an item on Council’s Traffic Hotspots Priority List for future introduction, with a report being brought back to the Traffic Committee with the expected timing for this work.”

    The Traffic Hotspots Priority List lists all outstanding traffic facility works and ranks them in terms of their value in addressing road safety and amenity issues. The traffic calming measures proposed for Dulwich Road are a road narrowing and pedestrian refuges between Peckham Avenue and Anglo Street. At this point in time this work sits at number 78 out of 98 projects on the list. Given existing funding levels for LATM measures it is anticipated that the work would not be introduced in the next 5 years.

  2. As you might know, a group of residents has been trying to get speed abatement measures installed for years in this drag strip (Wyvern, Peckham, Dulwich, Anglo). This route is now used increasingly to avoid the bottleneck at the intersection of the Pacific Highway and Fullers Road.

    Today, another accident (there was another a few years ago involving a nurse from Hirondelle Private Hospital) caused by speeding. A car travelling at excessive speed (we know from the sound of its engine just before the crash) swerved to avoid a resident’s car and then collided with a parked vehicle on Dulwich. Had a child been walking on the strip, this could have been a disaster.

    I ask that Council reassess the situation as a matter of urgency: this is an issue of safety, not so much traffic volume. I also remind you Council has only just approved a new school in View St which will only make the position in the surrounding even worse.

    Please do something.

  3. This latest accident occurred last Saturday 31 Jan 2015. I witnessed it.

    As previously advised by me and others, this stretch of road has become a dangerous one, especially given the many children who walk along – and on – what has till now always been a quiet safe street. I am fearful there will be a tragedy soon. I want you to be in no doubt that you are on notice.

    If Council has no money, an immediate measure to reduce the risk is to place NO RIGHT TURN signs from ANGLO into FULLERS ROAD. This should be done anyway: traffic entering Fullers from Anglo (to travel west) presents a real hazard to the safety of Fuller’s Rd traffic.

    I also note the last time Council placed the previous counters at the slowest points on Peckham and Dulwich”. Council placed traffic/speed counters (in response to residents’ concerns), the two counters were placed just east of the intersection of Dulwich and Peckham (around 46 Peckham) and just opposite No 11 Dulwich. It is obvious – if you look carefully at these two places – that these spots give no reliable indicator of the speeds that are reached in the dip in the road adjacent to 15A Dulwich. It is here that the accidents have occurred and where the greatest danger exists: if Council were to reposition its counters so that they BOTH sit in this dip, Council will observe – contrary to its last report – that significant speeds are being reached as the cars reach their top speed (they speed down into the dip, whether travelling north or south). Screeches of brakes are becoming very common as the “hoons” realise Dulwich is a very short street, with sharp turns into Peckham or Anglo.

    I remain mystified as to why Council – in response to residents’ concerns about speed in the “Dulwich dip” – placed the previous counters at the slowest points on Wyvern and Peckham. Obviously the wider the placement and placing them at slow points, will produce a lower speed reading from the data that has been collected. The data produced by those previous counters – and reported to residents in a letter from Council – was simply misleading.

    I do hope the counters were not positioned intentionally to produce the distorted and misleading results (that suggested there was no speeding).

    I await Council’s next move to address what is becoming a very serious issue that continues to be ignored by Council. I have copied Ms Berejiklian given I have been corresponding with her for many years now about this problem.

  4. Clr. Saville responds:

    Thank you For informing us of the dangerous situation with regards to speeding cars in this precinct. I trust Mr. Collins will keep me informed of actions council will take

    One near miss is in my opinion as serious as an accident.

    At the council meeting on Monday night it was resolved to undertake another study in this precinct now the bilingual school is opening and when Morrisons open

    The suggestion of the No Right from Anglo to Fullers is a good one, however I suggest consultation with the pre-school and the neighbours first. Perhaps Mr. Collings could advise how this could proceed. Perhaps it could be added to the agenda at the next Traffic meeting?

    There may be other measures to be taken in the meantime to address safety concerns.

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