255 Bus issues

255 busThe 255 bus route provides a service between Colwell Crescent and Chatswood Station. It is of particular value to less mobile residents and very young children attending Chatswood Public school, but it is endangered by traffic problems, leading to low patronage.

There are two problems: parking that obstructs the smooth passage of buses, and traffic that slows the crossing of the highway in a reasonable time.

The parking problems are particularly noticeable in Carr and Lone Pine Sts, but occur along the entire route. Tradesmen are often guilty of parking thoughtlessly and completely blocking a bus, disrupting the timetable for hours afterwards. Possible solutions lie in better enforcement of parking rules, particularly near intersections, and selective removal of parking rights in some spots eg in Eddy Rd near the intersection with Lone Pine.

The congestion problem is harder to solve. In the morning peak, it is common for a bus to endure 4 or 5 traffic light cycles at the top of Centennial Av before it can emerge onto the highway, where further delays await at Victoria Av. Removal of parking rights on the north side of Centennial above the pedestrian crossing would help greatly, but would be be unpopular with school parents.
The problems need imaginative solutions before someone at Sydney Buses decides to abolish the service


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