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They are doing the line markings on Fullers Road this weekend and it has slowed down the traffic somewhat due to the one lane coming down from the Pacific Highway, but it is still no better at Greville St and coming to Fullers/Millwood/Range Street corner and so many cars push in from the left after the Greville Street lights.  It is still such a dangerous section of road.
I also wish to mention that there does not seem to be any programme of fixing street lights within the Chatswood/Artarmon area and some of the major intersections have lights out for months at a time.  One near the corner of Fullers/Millwood/Range Street intersections has been out for months as has the one at the top of Fullers Road.  The lights at the exit of the Expressway (Chatswood exit where you turn right to go north up the Highway) have all been out for months.
The fact that there is no right hand turn out of Chatswood West, other than from Fullers and Centennial, causes enormous traffic problems on those two roads all day every day.  The phasing of the lights at the top of Fullers has not been changed for years and the road needs widening.  A dedicated two right hand lanes out of the top of Fullers and a dedicated left hand lane into Fullers from the Pacific Highway needs to be actioned.  We should have far greater access out of this side of Chatswood due to the increased traffic levels over the years.  Also, the no left turn out of Park St between 4.30 and 7.00 at night is a ridiculous rule, as people are coming from Lane Cove to this part of Chatswood all day/night every day and one cannot go up to the Highway where the traffic levels are for through traffic going further up the line.  Also the one lane out of Goodchap into Mowbray, where traffic can turn left or right, is constantly at a stand still as the intersection gets blocked by cars trying to make a right hand turn.
One other problem is the total lack of parking for people wishing to park on this side of the Highway and catching the train (which is what we are being encouraged to do by the Government).  Something desperately needs to be done.  Someone should take a look at Milsons Point area where they have many and varied timings for street parking.  Off street parking, without charging a fortune and even having free spots, would improve living in Chatswood, instead of constantly building new multistory residential buildings and not fixing the infrastructure.

One thought on “More on traffic

  1. Agreed on most counts. The exit from Goodchap to Mowbray has been a safety and congestion problem for years. Fewer than 10% of cars exiting Goodchap take a right hand turn, but selfishly create queues for everyone else. They are also blind to accelerating traffic heading west on Mowbray, and accidents are common. A ‘no right hand turn’ sign, at least during peak hours, is clearly warranted.

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