West Ward News

newsletterThe Association’s printed newsletter (the West Ward News) has been in existence for over 25 years. Currently, the West Ward News is produced twice a year. 6,000 copies of the ‘News’ are distributed within the Ward. The News is supported by local businesses and is coast neutral to the Association.

The biggest challenge for the Association is delivering the News. We have a dedicated band of deliverers who have delivered the News over many years (some dating back to its inception). However, like many organisations, helpers tend to diminish. Recently we have had a number of new volunteers and that is great. However, there are still a couple of areas we need someone to deliver in. These areas are unit developments near the Highway. The beauty about delivering to units is that is possible to cover a large number of units in a small area and minimum time. If you can assist by volunteering no more that 4 hours a year please contact the Editor at cwwpanews@gmail.com or on 0477 299 763

The next edition of the West Ward News will be produced prior to the State Election in March. We plan to have the News to distributers by the 20th March.


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