Mayoral Candidate Expenditure

Scramble to the top!

Scramble to the top!

Recently released figures on how much candidates spent on the recent Mayoral Election make quite interesting reading,

In total, nine candidates spent nearly $300,000. The plum role of Mayor (in this instance being for just two years) was worth around $140,000. The lowest amount spent was just $2,450. The highest spend was over $110,000 (more than a third of the total spend by all candidates). A Councillor who has previously stood at two previous Council Mayoral elections spent $63,000. His total spend over the three times he has unsuccessfully stood as Mayor is probably well over $100,000.

The successful candidate, Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney, spent just $41,000. This proves that just spending money on more and more glossy brochures does not guarantee success.

As mentioned above, we are required to re-elect a Mayor in September 2016. It will be interesting to see how much candidates tilt at the role of Mayor next time.


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